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About Constellation Energy

Constellation is a nationally leading energy supplier that serves businesses of all sizes - from small single-site businesses to more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100. Over 100,000 business, public sector and institutional customers across the United States have chosen Constellation to better buy, manage, and use their energy. Businesses throughout the country choose Constellation to develop energy management strategies to manage cost and risk over time, while improving the sustainability of their daily operations.


Businesses Have a Choice

Businesses that are located in states with competitive markets can choose their own energy supplier.

For a long time, customers could only buy electricity and natural gas from their local utility.

But in more recent years, legislation has enabled competition, allowing energy suppliers to compete with each other over the price that customers pay for energy supply.


Why Choose a New Electricity Provider

Customers can select plans with lower energy prices and environmental benefits.

After selecting an energy provider, businesses have been able to improve their bottom line, meet environmental goals, and benefit from technological innovations. Specifically, Constellation's customers more easily manage their cost and risk over time with Constellation's free online tools.


Online Tools for Energy Customers

Customers can use the following tools to more easily manage their electricity account:

  • Account Services: Electricity customers use this tool to review account-specific information, pay their bill online, renew, and more.
  • NewEnergy Online: Electricity customers use this tool to compare usage across multiple facilities, find opportunities to improve energy efficiencies, and more.
  • EnerPro: Natural gas customers can access general market intelligence data, view invoices and reports, get the latest regulatory and industry updates, and more.
  • VirtuWatt: Load Response customers can monitor energy consumption levels, pricing information, schedule load curtailments and more.